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Patricia Rasey
Love You to Pieces


It's been a few months since Jaycen McCain's troubled wife fell victim to a sadistic killer. Losing Kelly Jo has haunted him deeply, and his failure to keep her safe has driven Jay to the brink of a bleak, self-destructive despair. But the small-town police detective has bigger problems to deal with when a string of serial murders crop up on his home turf--murders with eerie similarities to the violence perpetrated on his wife.


Compelled to stop the killer and find much-needed answers about Kelly Jo's final hours, Jay is forced to enlist the help of a woman too tempting for his own peace of mind: Kelly Jo's pretty cousin, Sara St. James. Together, Jay and Sara embark on a pursuit for justice that will take them into an underground world of dark places and dangerous, irresistible desires. As an unwanted passion kindles and combusts between them, the killer closes in, pulling Jay and Sara into the web of an evil that will rock them to their core. 

Patricia Rasey
Kiss of Deceit

ISBN-13: 978-1514634875

Marcus "Snake" Gallego lives in the fast lane. Play hard, ride fast, die young. Nothing seems to touch him, that is until his faithless wife turns up dead, and his only hope lies in the detective who slams his head against a bar top, cuffing him. 


Detective LeAnne McVeigh has a murderer to catch and Snake is a prime suspect according to her fiancé, the County prosecutor. Snake’s freedom depends on her belief in his innocence. She fights her growing attraction to the bad boy biker, but the pull becomes too strong to ignore. Now they must team up to catch a killer as he becomes her friend in adversity.


Awards: Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence 2000 Finalist (Mystery/Suspense), Word Weaving Award of Excellence, AQP Best Seller, RIO Award of Excellence 2003 Finalist (Missed Gem) 

Patricia Rasey
Eyes of Betrayal

ISBN-13: 978-1515106265

Ex-gang member of the Lords of Lucifer, Egan "Villain" Tate, hopes to hide out in the small sleepy town of Ohio, hometown to his good friend Snake Gallego. He has his reasons for needing to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, he’s thrown into the limelight when the woman he rides into town with is found dead, a murder reminiscent of killings that plagued the county several years earlier.  


Dr. Whitney Montgomery finds herself attracted to Villain against her better judgment. He’s the one man, her friend Detective LeAnne McVeigh warns her against. But when the ex-biker gets blamed for a crime he says he didn’t commit and she’s his only ally, she must lie to her best friend to keep Villain out of jail. 


Has a copycat killer truly emerged, or does Henry County have a ghost on its hands?


Awards: RIO Award of Excellence 2003 1st place (Romantic Suspense), CAPAs 2003 Winner, 2004 EPPIE Finalist, Word Museum: Reviewer's Choice Masterpiece (July '03), Word Weaving Award of Excellence, AQP Best Seller, 2004 Sizzler Awards Finalist 

Patricia Rasey
Patricia Rasey
Patricia Rasey
Deadly Obsession


A killer is loose who has a taste for human blood. Cole Kincaid presses harder into the investigation, but the body count climbs. He has personal reasons for detesting the press, so sparks fly when Laurie Michaels hounds him for a story. Fate forces them to work as one, neither one anticipating the attraction that ensues. But just as Cole thinks he is close to finding all the answers, both personal and professional, Laurie disappears. 

The Hour Before Dawn


Tevan Zaber wants to be a detective. But how far is he willing to go to get it? Thrust into the dark underworld of real vampires, reality begins to blur into the society of role-playing. Can Krystal Braxton, who wrestles with her own demons, save Tevan from becoming one of them? Together they must infiltrate the occult covens to save the city from a blood-thirsty killer resurrected from a year’s old case as they enlist the help of Fairview Park’s lieutenant, Cole Kincaid.



Deputy Detective KC Tanner, guards his private life much the same as his Doberman, Zappa, guards his home. He's content to live a life of solitude, hiding behind the wall he's carefully constructed around himself.


Trouble is Sharalee MacArthur, stuck in a fantasy world of her own making, still envisions KC as the man she will one day marry. That is until reality shatters his isolation and dashes her hopes, and a madman running loose in their homey little community has KC and Shar running for their lives. 

Awards: Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence (HM), Word Weaving Award of Excellence 


Patricia Rasey
Patricia Rasey
Patricia Rasey
Patricia Rasey
Spirit Me Away


Luke Braden was having the best sex of his life one moment, and the next he's stuck in his apartment as a...ghost. No one to talk with, no one that can see him. That is until Holly stumbles into his life, or there lack of. Things are about to get way more interesting. 


Holly Andrews is excited to get her first place, to move beyond the walls of her parent's house and set out on her own. Nothing can dampen the spirit though, like finding out the place is haunted. And if that isn't bad enough, the hot and sexy ghost has one thing on his mind...seduction.

Heat Wave


Ryker Reed has been playing beach house poltergeist now for nearly a year. Playing good Samaritan backfired, landing him in some weird sort of purgatory. When the new week's tenant shows up, things really start to heat up. 


Lauren Andrews is looking for some fun in the sun. With college graduation now behind her, she has one summer left before med school eats up her spare time. When her best friend gets in a car accident, she convinces Lauren to go without her. But Lauren's peaceful retreat is quickly interrupted by one hot as sin ghost.




Jake, a vampire opposing his very nature, lives a life of self-imposed isolation, waiting for the legend of the Blue Moon to come true. Should he not feed from human blood for the period between the new moons and find true love...he'll be restored to his mortal self. But with only a fortnight left, has he found true love in Annie? 


Awards (Anthology): The Road to Romance Reviewer's Choice Award 

Fear the Dark


A vicious serial killer is on the loose, and his weapon of choice slithers, rattles...and bites! Can Detective Jack Carter and Cara Banks catch him before time runs out and Cara realizes her ultimate nightmare? They'll need to put their personal differences aside to capture the evil unleashed within their community and maybe find out where they went wrong along the way.


"Read Pat Rasey's latest thriller at your own risk and way before dark. It's deadly!"--Ann Bachman, Lifetime Best-selling Author of Together Again 

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