Ex-gang member of the Lords of Lucifer, Egan "Villain" Tate, hopes to hide out in the small sleepy town of Ohio, hometown to his good friend Snake Gallego. He has his reasons for needing to keep a low profile. Unfortunately, he’s thrown into the limelight when the woman he rides into town with is found dead, a murder reminiscent of killings that plagued the county several years earlier. 

Dr. Whitney Montgomery finds herself attracted to Villain against her better judgment. He’s the one man, her friend Detective LeAnne McVeigh warns her against. But when the ex-biker gets blamed for a crime he says he didn’t commit and she’s his only ally, she must lie to her best friend to keep Villain out of jail. 

Has a copycat killer truly emerged, or does Henry County have a ghost on its hands?

Look for the first book, KISS OF DECEIT.

Eyes of Betrayal

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