Dante “Diablo” Santini, newest member of the Washington chapter of the Sons of Sangue, is on the hunt for a son he hasn’t seen in six years. After spending four years in the pen, set up on bogus charges by the boy’s mother and the cop assigned to the case, he has no idea where to start looking. Trouble is, as a newly turned vampire, Dante isn’t all that sure he’s what’s best for his son. On an off-chance encounter, Dante crosses paths with a stunning young woman who just might be able to help.

Angelica “Angel” Hart runs a safe house, taking in battered women and children, giving them shelter and food. When a devilishly attractive biker comes looking for his son, Angel’s not about to endanger her clients by offering him help. Problem is, Dante’s not taking no for an answer. The sexy biker sets out to prove there’s more to him than the motorcycle vest he wears, unwittingly landing Angel in the middle of an ongoing feud his MC has with a Mexican cartel.

When Angel witnesses the deadly message sent by the Sons of Sangue to the cartel’s kingpin, her thinly held trust in Dante begins to crumble. He not only chances losing his son, but the one woman who could save him from his past sins.


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